commands with */* are to type in irssi. command with *#* in the shell.


you will want to run irssi in screen. Screen is a windomanager.

  • some commands:
    • [ctrl+a c] # new window
    • [ctrl+a a] # switch to last window (space ⇒ next,backspace previous)

OTR (end2end encryption)

load otr (first time)

/load otr
/statusbar window add otr

Mailing list: First of all, we strongly recommend to set this option to speed up any OTR commands or sessions.

/set cmd_queue_speed 1msec

initialise encryption

/msg alice ?OTR?

check fingerprint

  • lists all keys encountered for comparison to copy paste to your friends (there is no standardiced way for sharing keys)
/otr contexts


configure irssi (in shell)

# echo "load otr" >> ~/.irssi/startup

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